Build a complete website by yourself for your Company, Gallery, Factory, Showroom, etc.

site Builder
Due to the care of the international library of designs ILD that our dearest country take a fit position in the globalization era , communication revolution and information technology that makes the whole world as a very small village in which the information are available by many means , on the top of them the internet.Due to that the international library of designs ILD designed a special program to allow the companies to build and update a website in a very easy way, and it named this program by Site Builder.
to test the programe please click here
the password is v3demo
 What Is Site Builder

By Using the site Builder you can build a website by your own
site Builder enables you to add, delete, update unlimited number of pages in your website.
site Builder host your site
site Builder build your site
site Builder submit your site to search engines

site Builder
 Why should I choose Site Builder?
  1. Easy to use
  2. Multi designs
  3. Flexibility in choosing the design and colors
  4. Build you website by yourself
  5. Unlimited pages.
  6. Multi language.
  7. No expenses needed.
  8. Adding photos and animation.
  9. Adding music.
  10. High website speed.
  11. Easy to editing pages.
  12. Build and modify your website from anywhere.
  13. Technical support and customer care.

We had mixed the benefits of static and dynamic website
static website give you speed
dynamic website give you flexibility
site Builder Give you both

Open a window for your
          clients on the Internet


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